Vote in the AAUW Elections

“SUFFRAGE noun “ a vote given in deciding a controverted question or electing a person for an office or trust”   Merriam-Webster

We, members of AAUW, have a vote in determining AAUW’s tomorrows. As Mark Hopkins, interim AAUW CEO (New one will start June 1) says “Every two years AAUW members have a unique opportunity to shape the future of this storied organization. What will be our focus? Who will be our leaders? These questions are too important to let someone else answer for you”.

On April 17 and again on May 8th those of you with an AAUW up-to-date email address received an email with instructions on voting online in AAUW’s 2017 National Election. The email address containing the information and your personal voting code number is  Voting will end June 15.  You will be voting o members of the Board of Directors and proposed By-Laws  changes, such as the membership requirement, and the Public Policy Platform. Be an informed voter.

You can find out more about these proposed By-laws changes and their rationale, by going to They are also presented in the latest issue of the OUTLOOK.

Of particular interest to you might be:

PROPOSAL 1. Shall Article IV of the AAUW Bylaws be amended to create an “advocate” category of membership?*

*Voting on this bylaw amendment should be made without consideration of proposal 2, the amendment that eliminates the degree requirement. If this proposal is adopted, it will be implemented only if proposal 2 is not adopted.

PROPOSAL 2. Shall Article IV of the AAUW Bylaws be amended to eliminate the degree requirements for individual members?

PROPOSAL 8. Shall the bylaws be amended by changing the number of members required to establish quorum and make a vote countable from 5 percent to 3 percent.

Exercise your franchise (Merriam-Webster definition-“ the right to vote”). Be a part of deciding the course AAUW will take in empowering women.

Nancy Mion
AAUW Empire State Virtual Branch Public Policy Director