EYO Balloon Explore Your Opportunities – the Sky’s the Limit!


17th Year Conference
March 14, 2020
College of Mount Saint Vincent
Riverdale (Bronx), New York

Cool Workshops for EYO 2020:

  1. Blizzard in a Bottle!: Create a “snowflake crystal” scene in a jar using Chemistry!.
  2. Brain Games. Learn about some of the mind boggling things a brain can do from making memories to controlling emotions.
  3. Egg-cellent Parachutes Don’t let it Splat! Learn about the basic of flight in order to ensure your egg’s safe landing in a parachute.
  4. Hands-On Cosmetic Chemistry. Step into the laboratory and design your own cosmetic portion.
  5. It’s a Sugar…It’s a Base…It’s DNA! Discover the structure of DNA and learn how to isolate DNA from your own cells painlessly.
  6. Kitchen Concoctions!: Ransack your kitchen and come learn the chemistry behind the products you see in your cabinets every day!
  7. Lifting the Chemical Fingerprint. Learn to be a detective and start using your eyes, ears, nose and some weird tools to track down strange smells … let’s hunt down those clues!
  8. Paper Engineering + Origami = (Fun):2 . You will learn how to use paper to build a icosahedron shaped container in which you can store jewelry and other small items. You will also make a spinning top.
  9. Play Doctor. Learn the physical exam components and tools that the doctors and PAs use to evaluate sick patients.
  10. Playing Games in Alice World”. Learn to create interactive games using “Alice” programming.
  11. RollingDroneBots. Manually operate and program Unmanned Ground Vehicles.
  12. Using Leverage to get Super Powers.. Learn basics about how levers can multiply force and how leverage is used in everyday items. Build and take home a model of a common type of lever.
  13. Wading through the Web. Smarter searching on the Internet—DeeperWeb, Clusty, Carrot, website reliability checks. Oh My!
  14. What is a Cell? Ever wonder how big cells are? Play a computer game to help scientist’s measure cell sizes.
  15. Whatever Floats Your Boat. Keep your boat afloat with your knowledge of material science and forces.
  16. Women & Machine. Learn about and create mechanical systems that mimic or interact with the human body in beautiful and useful ways.

Join us for the next planning meeting if you would like to get involved or know someone who you think could be part of our team. There are several interesting opportunities for volunteers:  Development (fund raising), PR (public relations).

Contact Co-Directors:
Lorrin Johnson, 212 854 2437; eddlorrin@yahoo.com
Maria Ellis, 973 216 4181; mellis@fsacap.com

SAVE THIS DATE: Saturday, March 14, 2020 for our Seventeenth Annual Explore Your OpportunitiesTM Conference at the College of Mount Saint Vincent to excite 7th grade girls about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)!

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