EYO Conference 2015

EYO BalloonExplore Your Opportunities:
The Sky’s the Limit!TM
13th Year Conference, April 16, 2016
College of Mount Saint Vincent, Riverdale (Bronx), New York


Congratulations to Lorrin Johnson, Wilma Gitchel and Marilee Scheuneman for another successful Explore Your Opportunities: the Sky’s the Limit Conference held on March 21, 2015 at the College of Mount Saint Vincent in Riverdale, New York. We  have received great reviews from our 7th grade participants about all the 17 workshops given at this Conference.  . Our key note speaker, the Australian GPS girl, Karen Jabosen received the most accolades from our students. We were all very engaged and enjoyed Karen’s  “Recalculate” motivational talk!

The 7-Grade girls attended the following17 workshops for EYO 2015:

  1. Playing Games in Alice World”: earn to create interactive games using “Alice” programming.
  2. Brain Games: Learn about some of the mind boggling things a brain can do from making memories to controlling emotions.
  3. Flower Hour: Observe and describe flowers and discover similarities that group them and differences that make them unique.
  4. It’s a Sugar…It’s a Base…It’s DNA! : Discover the structure of DNA and learn how to isolate DNA from your own cells painlessly.
  5. Acoustics & Wildlife – Sound Can Save Animals!: How do scientists track whales, recognize birds, and count tigers and frogs? They use sound!
  6. What Color is a Rose?: Roses are red, violets are blue, ever wonder how plants get their color? See which plant pigments are hiding in your favorite plants using paper chromatography!
  7. Datalogging-A-Bot: Learn how to program a robot to analyze sounds using a sound sensor.
  8. Plant Superhighways: An introduction to the vascular system of plants with real-life applications in the food and florist industries.
  9. Grrrrrrls Leading the Way in Animal Science: Learn how you can enhance animal lives and wellbeing in a hands-on enrichment workshop.
  10. Blizzard in a Bottle!: Create a “snowflake crystal” scene in a jar using Chemistry!
  11. Cool Web Design: Learn the basics of HTML and JavaScript by making your own “Web Page”.
  12. Paper Engineering + Origami = (Fun): Use paper and geometry to build a spherical container to store jewelry and other small items.
  13. Play Doctor: Learn the physical exam components and tools that doctors and PAs use to evaluate sick patients.
  14. Hands-On Cosmetic Chemistry (2 sessions): Step into the laboratory and design your own cosmetic potion.
  15. Wading Through The Web: Smarter searching on the Internet – DeeperWeb, Clusty, Carrot, website reliability checks. Oh My.
  16. Brain on Overload?: Learn about the neuroscience of cognition while conducting tests on the effects of multitasking.
  17. Using Leverage to get Super Powers: Learn basics about how levers can multiply force and how leverage is used in everyday items.


Programming a Robot     kitchen