June 2017 Content Suggestions

#1 Faces of Student Debt

AAUW’s new research report Deeper In Debt has shown that women bare a disproportionate amount of student debt. These six women invested in themselves and their future by pursuing higher education. But those degrees came at large price.
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#2 Three Musts for Intersectional Feminism
Intersectional feminism is to acknowledge multiple overlapping social identities and related systems of oppression. So, while we may want to work under the umbrella term “women,” there is not one global women’s experience. Here are three ways to make sure that your feminism is intersectional.
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Alt text: Younger Women’s Task Force – Greater Lafayette Chapter

#3 Reflecting on the First AAUW Lobby Day
With our 49th AAUW National Convention coming up this June, take a minute to look back at our very first Lobby Day. This takes us back in time to 1989 and the 35th AAUW National Convention, where the theme that year was “Choices, Changes, and Connections.”
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