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Empire State NYC Branch Leadership and AAUW NYC Fellows Meetings

Empire State NYC Branch Leadership and AAUW NYC Fellows Meeting
at Goldman Sachs in NYC, Tuesday, December 10, 2019
AAUW Partnership with Goldman Sachs & EYO STEM program


AAUW Empire State NYC Leadership: 
Estelle Kone, Emmelina De Feo, Maria Ellis, Jessica Sims; C.S. Rani

Empire State NYC Branch Leadership and AAUW NYC Fellows Meeting at Google in NYC, Tuesday, November 12, 2019
AAUW Partnership with Google & EYO STEM Program

AAUW NYC Fellows:  Valerie Streit, Jessica Sims; Estelle Kone,
Danielle Guindo, Read Alliance; Whitney Oriana; Emmelina De Feo,
Maria Ellis, Empire State NYC Branch President, EYO Co-Director,
Lorrin Johnson, EYO Co-Director; Dr. Rani, Empire State NYC Branch Treasurer

Empire State Virtual NY Branch Members at the AAUW NYS

AAUW NYS Summer Leadership Conference
Cazenovia College, Cazenovia, New York



AAUW NYS Summer Leadership Conference in Cazenovia College, Cazenovia, New York. The Empire State Virtual NY Branch (ESVB) members always actively participate in this Summer Leadership Conference but this year was very special to us because we celebrated our 5th Anniversary!



Our two newest members, Raegan Sealy, from
England and a recent graduate of the New School
and Ali Comerford, from Ireland and a recent graduate of the Manhattan School of Music entertained us, sang and played the guitar and inspired great moments of joy as we continue to live our AAUW mission to advance equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research.

Congratulations to AAUW’s Senior Leadership!

Congratulations to AAUW’s Senior Leadership
Linda Hallman, Executive Director &
Patricia Fae Ho, President


In October, the mayor, the city’s Office of Women’s Advancement, and AAUW leaders announced an ambitious initiative to offer free AAUW Work Smart salary negotiation trainings to half of Boston’s working women in the next five years. That means training 85,000 women to negotiate higher salaries and better benefits — and making a dent in the gender pay gap, which stands nationally at 21 percent.

Women working full time in the United States typically are paid just 79 percent of what men are paid, and it’s even worse for most women of color. The gender pay gap starts just one year out of college, and it only widens over the course of a career.

One of the many ways that AAUW is fighting the pay gap is by empowering women to negotiate for what they’re worth. That’s why, in 2014, AAUW acquired the Start Smart and Work Smart salary negotiation programs, which focus on college women and working women, respectively, from collaborator WAGE Project.

AAUW Start Smart is designed for college students who are about to enter the job market, and AAUW members have been putting on these workshops for years. AAUW Work Smart is for women who are already working, and it’s now available for AAUW members to get involved in presenting. Both workshops have been completely redesigned using the latest research and negotiation strategies so that participants will leave with the skills and confidence to successfully navigate the complexities of job offers and promotions. To organize a Start Smart or Work Smart salary negotiation program, email AAUW Senior Program Manager Jesse Rauch at rauchj@aauw.org or Maria Ellis at mellis@fsacap.com