AAUW Fellow Eman Abu Sabbah Shares Her Field of Study

Eman Abu Sabbah

Eman Abu Sabbah joined us by phone at our last virtual meeting. As an experienced maternal nurse in Jordan, Eman has received an AAUW fellowship to work on a PhD in the USA. Her goal is to develop effective interventions for women experiencing domestic violence.

In Jordan, the police ignore most laws designed to protect women from violence so women believe they have have no way to protect themselves.

Read the summary of Eman’s goals and research here.

And join us at the Oct. 16 virtual branch meeting at 7:15 pm. when we will interview three more  AAUW NYS EF Fellows:

  • Mwaka Nachilongo, International Fellowship recipient
  • Aleksandra Rayska, International Fellowship recipient
  • Sara Shoener, American Fellowship

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