Dance in the Street; Dance in the Cloud

Here’s an Empire program idea and target date perfect for My Sisters’ Keeper 3.0

How cool would it be to have AAUW dancing in the street to end sexual and domestic violence? (Okay, would be nicer if were in Florida in February, but still!) Think about the college/student partnerships and visibility we could create around this.

Eve Ensler’s One Billion Rising Campaign is excited to partner with V-Day and Eve Ensler on the One Billion Rising campaign as part of the anti-violence movement sweeping the globe. Join us as we take a stand, dance in the streets (or in our hearts) and demand an end to sexual and domestic violence on Valentine’s Day 2013. For more information, visit

How would you imagine Empire holding a virtual dance? Or can you get your friends and colleagues to dance in the street? Tell us your ideas in our new forums here.

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